Thank you for visiting the EWC website (Formally Esan National Congress USA/Canada). Our goal is to maintain, champion and encourage strong relationships among Esan communities in the world, and for all Esans in the Diaspora.

The EWC(Formally Esan National congress USA/CANADA) is a conglomerate of all independent member associations that partners with, and seeks to serve the interest of the Esans in Edo State, Nigeria, the regional communities in which each association resides. Most importantly, the EWC reaches out to the underprivileged people of Esans in Edo State through our various support programs

The EWC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax-exempt association in the United States. Through individual efforts, solicitations, and networking with private and public entities, we strive to support those that otherwise will never have access to basic medical services and infrastructures in their regional base.

Join us. We sincerely invite your association to partner with us, support our philanthropic goals and be a part of our humanitarian effort to ensure a shifting change in the lives of the Esans across the world, in Edo State and Nigeria.

Food Distribution in EsanLand

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